Hacking Attacks On Church Computers

Recently the church computers were attacked by a virus or worm, and email replies were not sent out.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

It appears that the V9 redirect virus was the culprit, and wreaked havoc on the browsers.

We want to stress to our congregation the importance of protecting your computer from viruses and malware, especially if you use the computer quite a bit and do a lot of transactions and banking online.

We suggest Norton 360.  It appears that for some reason Norton 360 was deactivated for those computers that got infected, and sadly the attack could not be stopped by the software.  The computers where Norton 360 was still active were not infected.

The PC Dojo is one of our favorite blogs where we get our most up to date tech news and other stuff.  It’s a great source of information about utility software as well.  For example, we were wondering if SpeedyPC Pro was safe, and the site had an entire rundown of the software, what it does, and that it was safe and recommended.

Anyway, ensure that you keep your personal information safe and secure.  We strongly suggest that you look into getting antivirus software if you don’t have it yet.