Learning Languages Tips And Tricks

Going on missions to other countries sometimes requires the use and practice of another language. To make staying abroad easier, and to better connect with locals, we strongly suggest becoming familiar with the native language where you will be staying. Whether it is Spanish, Russian, or Arabic, we believe that even rudimentary knowledge of the language goes a long way in making the people feel as though you are trying to be part of their culture.

We have looked at many of the different language learning software programs out there and have determined that Rocket Languages is probably your best bang for your buck. The thing is that the learning styles of both programs are quite different from each other. You should definitely take a look into the Rocket Languages vs Rosetta Stone article in order to see just what the differences are.

Basically Rosetta Stone employs a “learn as a baby would” mentality that attempts to give the user the experience of full immersion. Some users might really like this, while others might become frustrated. I personally did not like the approach to learning that they took.

The Rocket Languages series is much more traditional in terms of learning a new language. There are English explanations throughout and they guide you through various cultural specifics such as formal vs informal greetings, etc.

The thing that you have to remember is that you don’t have to be a grammar Nazi to communicate with people in their native tongue. As long as you can understand and be understood, most people will be extremely excited that you are speaking their language.